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Monitor your employees, 24x7x365 from any where remotely, at intervals you set, every second or every 24 hour and any thing in between.

Track each task precisely to the minute, so you can bill your clients, for it accordingly. Version control is recorded.

Incutime is the easiest automated tool for employee monitoring and task time tracking that just works in the background.

incutime a time tracker tool

Incutime is a Tag On Software for PnaPna yet it is stand alone product. It is grouped with PnaPna Premium bundle, and PnaPna basic is integrated in Incutime. Incutime was initially created for our own in-house use, because existing there was one project management software that did all that we wanted it to do. All other time-tracking software were either far too complicated, too expensive or we had to use too many different portals for it. We believe that software should make our lives easy, empower work, not get in the way of us doing better. Incutime does two functions, Employee monitoring, and task time tracking, which are insanely simple to deploy. These products just work in the background effortlessly, automatically virtually and there is nothing to do except sign in.

The software takes over from that point on wards. The admin sets some ground rules (initially which can be amended at any time, like how often the employee desktop shall be photographed, or at what intervals the web cam will take employee images etc.) then every time the employee the comes to work he / she will log in with secured credentials and takes a task that has been assigned to him / her.

The admin will know in real time the status of the employee computer no matter where the employee is, regardless of the time zone or the continent. Complete Stats are available to the admin as to which task too how much time and why. All billing details are at the tip of admin’s command. Payroll can be generated in any currency, format as the admin like. Now that is the power of simplicity and technology.

The system is tied to the project manager so all tasks under one project stay in one folder.

Every thing is encrypted and stored in secure vault, at speeds that your system can support even 512 MB that some 3rd world countries may have.

One tool for employee payroll and time spent, task wise, in multi-currencies, in multitude of variations.


Easy Setup & Use

Our product tracks all web and application. Basically install the Incutime on the system you wish to monitor, and you'll begin seeing usage information within a couple of minutes. The Incutime can be Installed manually or remotely, and deals with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Real-time Monitoring

With Incutime there are no gaps in coverage. Incutime monitor & give you an overview of previously recorded activity, Real-time Monitoring, Project Report, Payment Report & shows exactly what’s happening on your monitored devices in real-time.


Incutime provides e-mails sending and receiving by employees on their computers. And all the mail details, like contents, time, subjects and task, off-line time , total working hours that are all recorded.

Task Management

Incutime provides task management facility to manage the task in Incutime like create new task, edit previous task, Assigning task to the employee, task duration, Deadline etc.

Employee Management

Incutime provides employee management facility like add employee, upgrade licence, Define role, designations, Assign Task, project, Define employees payroll etc.


Screenshots make it possible for an administrator to see exactly what the device user sees by capturing everything that’s visible on the screen. Screenshots can be taken across all devices continuously. Admin can see the screenshots any time in admin panel.

Features Incorporated

  1. Account Holder can create, edit, and delete Role, Designation, Department, etc... for associates.
  2. Account Holder can add associates according to his need.
  3. Account Holder can view following reports:
    • Associate Reports: It shows the details of associates and time duration related to project that he is investing for a particular project.
    • Associate Activities: It shows the details of associates activities (Captured Screenshots and Web cam screen shots on random time intervals).
    • Project Wise Report: It shows the total time spend on project. To check who all are working on a particular project and how much time they invest.
    • Payment Report: It shows the payment status of the associates. So account holder can see the actual time and payment details of that particular associate.
  4. Event calendar: This is the utility to maintain his to-dos etc. So Account holder can manage his work and can track timely.
  5. Google Calendar Integration: Account Holder can also sync his google calendar with the event calendar and can view all the tasks from his google calendar. Account Holder can also create task on Google Calendar directly from here.

Associate / User (Desktop System):

  1. Associate can upgrade his profile and credential.
  2. Time logged on incutime and also PNAPNA (Project Management Tools).
  3. Screen Image captured with random time Interval .
  4. Webcam Image captured with random time interval(If Webcam exist in the System).
  5. Associate can maintain his to-dos through event calendar.
  6. Associate will be able to check report (Account and Activity) if there is permission from Account Holder / Manager.
  7. System will automatically log off, if there is no activity at client machine.
  8. Associate can select his project on which he wants to work.



$ 4.99

Per Person for 1 month


  • Associate Time log
  • Time log with PNAPNA
Initial setup with 1 Admin & 1 Associate
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$ 49.05

Per Person for 1     year


  • Associate Time log
  • Time log with PNAPNA
Initial setup with 1 Admin & 1 Associate
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$ 79.00

Per Person for 1     year


  • Associate Time log
  • Time log with PNAPNA
Initial setup with 1 Admin & 1 Associate
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$ 99.00

Per Person for 1     year


  • Associate Time log
  • Time log with PNAPNA
Initial setup with 1 Admin & 1 Associate
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How can you monitor employees' activity and improve their efficiency?

Monitor and record screen, websites visited, chat, email, file copy, application, bandwidth usage, USB disk usage with Incutime.

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Incutime employee monitoring software is a client-server system that works either in a local or distributed network and is intended to monitor Windows-based computers.

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